Dan Jorquera is a graduate of University of Baltimore's Game & Simulation Design program. A game designer, programmer, artist, web designer, and writer, he has helped produce numerous games, websites, children's books, interactive software, and videos.

Dan has spoken at multiple universities about game design and how to break into the industry. He has been a part of the Mindgrub Games team, createed indie games under the name "Planet Io Entertainment," and has previously worked for Lockheed Martin, Lorikeet Learning, and e4e Interactive.

Programming || C#, C++, Java, Swift, Obj-C, Lua, Javascript
Dev Environments || Unity, Unreal, Android Studio, Xcode, Corona, Phaser
Proficiencies || Level Design, Game Design, Git, MVVM, VR Art || Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Fireworks, Flash

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    Zen Meadow

  • tool0

    VR Tool Training

  • ga1

    Graphic Audio

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    Exelon Energy App

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    Legends of Learning Games

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    Mindgrub’s VR Bike

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    Homies App

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    Journey of Care

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    3D Printing App

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    Ancient Axes

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    Johnny Speed

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    Supportive Shark

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    Polk DJ Stream Site

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    Rescue Jump

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    Grouper Game

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    Lorikeet Learning Apps

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    Children’s Books

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